Advanced Materials. Evolved.

In Avesta, we strive to make the world last forever and focus on engineering advanced materials to excel where conventional solutions fall short. Advanced Materials are specialised alloys that withstand the harshest conditions, delivering unparalleled performance and reliability.

Our advanced materials are meticulously crafted to rise to the challenge, whether in extreme temperatures, intense pressures, or corrosive atmospheres. Combining cutting-edge metallurgical techniques with a keen eye for detail, we have created a portfolio of innovative solutions transforming industries' operations.

That’s Advanced Materials. Evolved.

Bridge to stand the test of time

The town of Sölvesborg wanted to build an attractive pedestrian bridge that will stand the test of time while protecting a local bird conservation area. Outokumpu Forta duplex stainless steel was used in the bridge’s main components making the structure nice looking, hard-wearing and kind to the environment.

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Waterfront Congress Centre for energy efficiency and sustainability

The Waterfront project emphasized energy efficiency and sustainable materials. Stainless steel was chosen by the architects, White Arkitekter, as a response to this. Outokumpu helped to realize this vision with duplex stainless steel – highly durable, largely maintenance-free and fully recyclable.

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Marina Bay bridge embodies essence of life

Inspired by the DNA molecule, Marina Bay bridge embodies Singapore’s aspirations as a biomedical hub. Its unique design posed challenges: it must be strong but light and stand up to a tropical environment. Outokumpu’s duplex stainless steel delivered striking beauty, enormous strength, and exceptional corrosion resistance.

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ZWILLING cuts emissions with Circle Green

ZWILLING is working towards carbon-neutral portfolio of its high-quality kitchen products using green energy and eliminating plastic packaging. One major challenge was sourcing low-emission stainless steel. Outokumpu’s Circle Green helped to cut the carbon footprint of ZWILLING knives by around a third.

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Durability and long service life proven true

Since the 1990s, the X2000 trains have transported millions of passengers in Sweden. In their upgrade project, the original stainless steel train frames, however, stayed in service, saving both money and natural resources. Over time, quality stainless steel has proven to be the right, cost-effective choice.

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World’s first maintenance-free boat for rough seas

Swedish Steel Yacths’ lightweight boat incorporates the Vikings’ flexible hull construction into the structure of steel boat, made of another Swedish innovation, duplex stainless steel. Our customer’s vision is to develop superiors and more sustainable characteristics compared to current glass fiber and aluminum.

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Bridging roads and all local wishes

Lake District National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, needed to replace the old stone bridge, swept away in a storm. The locals wanted to minimize the risk of future flooding and impacts on the river, to allow clear views of the landscape and to include old stonework. All this was accomplished with Outokumpu’s duplex stainless steel.

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God hanging stars on the rainbow

At Nacka strand in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago, the statue by Swedish sculptor Carl Milles reaches high. It is the "God our Father on the rainbow" fountain of God placing stars in heaven. This peace monument was originally intended to be in New York as a tribute to the newly formed United Nations in 1946.

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