Innovations. Evolved.

Innovation is everything in Outokumpu. We thrive in a world that lasts forever, and rapid change offers a balance of challenges and opportunities. Our relentless pursuit of innovation has led us to develop cutting-edge technologies, processes for evolution across industries, and sustainable solutions that have not only elevated our products but have also transformed how stainless steel is perceived and utilized in various industries by fostering a culture of innovation and evolvement in our 100-year-old Avesta site.

That’s Innovations. Evolved.

Duplex Stainless Steel: Invented in Avesta, Transforming Industries

Join us in commemorating Avesta's century of pioneering stainless steel. Discover how duplex stainless steel, a groundbreaking innovation, has revolutionized industries with its strength and corrosion resistance, driving forward sustainable development. Dive into our legacy and future vision.

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Outokumpu's Ultra Alloy 825 Revolutionizes Oil & Gas Industry

Discover why Ultra Alloy 825 is becoming the top choice for the oil and gas industry, offering superior corrosion resistance and strength in challenging sulfur-containing environments. Read insights from Outokumpu's Rodrigo Signorelli.

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