Make the winning move – superior machinability with Prodec®

The Prodec® range comprises stainless steel grades that are optimized for consistently superior machinability.

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Get to know the superior machinability properties of Prodec® – see the testing videos

Over the past decade Outokumpu has conducted extensive tests on Prodec® performance against competing bars in the US Market.

Watch the enclosed videos that shows what happens with when running the bars in high speeds. Prodec® bars give amazing 300%–350% longer tool-life than competing bars in the market.

Prodec® stainless steel bars are available in 316L, 304L, 303, and 17-4PH.


Prodec® 304L demo


Prodec® 316L demo

Learn about machining with stainless steel

Outokumpu has just recently published a Machining Handbook, that introduces special considerations to machining stainless steel. We are happy to offer you a possibility to read an extract of the book. You can get a quick overview of the machining techniques – be it turning, milling, drilling, threading or sawing stainless steel bar.

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Prodec® benefits

Faster machining

Based on V15 testing results you can optimize machining speeds for Prodec® 304L up to 800 sfm. Using higher speeds can lead to significant cost savings per component.

Longer tool life

Prodec® can double tool lifetime. Normally, you increase tool life by decreasing cutting speed. With Prodec®, when you increase cutting speed, you increase tool life.

Superior quality and tolerances

Prodec® expands the machining window, leading to superior chip formation while avoiding built up edge and tool wear.

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