The time to accelerate
circularity is now

Pioneers don't let the future happen. They build it and reform it. They connect the dots of tomorrow to make the right steps today. Like us; we relentlessly redesign, recycle and reduce what is necessary to accelerate circularity towards a more sustainable planet.

The best time to start building the circular future for the next generation is today. Not only because we can, not just because we have to, but because we want to. Are you ready to join?


For the generations to come

Towards a world that lasts forever



Imagine if stainless steel could
remove carbon from the atmosphere.

If this is already possible, imagine what we all could do together.


lower carbon footprint compared to industry average with Outokumpu Circle Green stainless steel.

Sustainability demands persistence, while climate change calls for action

Reaching the steel sector target of zero emissions by 2070 set by the IEA will not be easy. So we must act now with purposeful goals and commitment.

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Key ingredient: circular economy

See how our industry can achieve sustainable growth and help to shape the world around us. Outokumpu has a strong track record in ambitious targets on ESG – especially focusing on fighting climate change. Now let's work together to accelerate towards a sustainable world.

See our vision

“Our vision for 2045 decarbonized stainless steel is ambitious. But doable. We are working towards that objective in every aspect of the business.”

– Juha Erkkilä, VP, Group
Sustainability, Excellence & Reliability,

Network fosters action

Today all of us, not just the steel industry, are asked, required, rushed, inspired and encouraged to drive sustainable change by not only consumer demand or governmental regulation but by multiple partners and specialists. We appreciate their expertise and contribution.

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