Strong. Lightweight. Cost-effective. Sustainable.

Planning your next vehicle generation? Outokumpu stainless steel hands you the winning formula.

To find out about the latest industry-leading development in automotive materials, please download our technical article. It will help you discover the future of strong, lightweight vehicle construction.


Global trends are changing the automotive game. As our industry retools for the future, there is one material that can put you in pole position - stainless steel.

Why choose stainless steel?

It's strong and lightweight...

High-strength stainless steel grades developed by Outokumpu provide outstanding yield strength and energy absorption characteristics.This helps design lighter and smaller components that still meet rigorous safety standards. Using our stainless steel to replace conventional materials could help you cut weight by up to 40%.

It’s cost-effective...

Cost-efficient manufacturing processes are critical to the success of the automotive supply chain. Outokumpu's specialist automotive grades offer properties such as cold-forming, even for complex shapes. By eliminating the need for hot-forming and using less material, because of their superior strength, our stainless steels contribute to a reduced total cost of ownership throughout the manufacturing process.

And it's sustainable

Our stainless steel helps reduce your carbon footprint. Less material and simplified processes compared to competing materials can lead to 30–40% lower energy consumption in manufacturing. Additionally, lower weight in vehicle components reduces CO₂ emissions per kilometer. Over 85% of the raw materials in our stainless steel is recycled, and stainless steel is 100% recyclable.

See the possibilities for stainless steel automotive components

From pillars and seat structures to hybrid tanks and next generation batteries for electric vehicles, stainless steel enables better impact resistance, lighter weight and complex geometries. Watch our video that shows just some of the wealth of possibilities.

Explore the latest in industry-leading stainless steel R&D

A disruptive change is shaking up the automotive industry. Are you up to the new challenges? Our article 'new stainless steel materials lead the drive for tomorrow's automotive industry' could offer valuable insights for your business:

  • How stainless steel is the key to optimizing electric mobility
  • How to combine light weight with mechanical strength for safety
  • How the recyclability of stainless steel reduces your carbon footprint

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Discover the future of strong, lightweight automotive structures!

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Meet Sportsfish – our stainless steel show car

Clean lines and lightweight design beautifully showcase stainless steel as the material for winners. Watch the video introducing Outokumpu's special show car - code name 'Sportsfish'.

Ultimate lightweight solutions:

What can stainless steel do for you? Download our brochure to learn about new possibilities in automotive design with the Forta H-Series.

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Why choose Outokumpu?

We are a global leader in stainless steel and have been involved in its continued development and innovation from its earliest history. A strong customer focus, sustainability and technical excellence are at the heart of everything we do. As a customer, you benefit from our extensive R&D and technical support throughout the entire product development process. We are the strategic choice and a strong partner for all OEMs around the world.

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