Made for offshore.

Outokumpu Ultra Alloy 825.

Key benefits

Outokumpu customers across a range of industries are already enjoying the benefits of Ultra Alloy 825.

Continuous casting, large quantities of consistent, high-quality Ultra Alloy 825.
Quality with continuous casting

Outokumpu is prepared to meet all your needs for corrosion-resistant Ultra Alloy 825 for different applications. Thanks to continuous casting, we can offer large quantities of consistently high-quality Ultra Alloy 825.

Outokumpu Ultra Alloy 825 – reliable lead times, technical expertise and personalized guidance.
Best-in-class customer support

Outokumpu’s unmatched knowledge of stainless steel is available to you: we are dedicated to provide you with the best possible customer support. We offer technical expertise, personalized guidance and reliable lead times.

Ultra Alloy 825 as sheet, quarto plate, wire rod and welding strip, as well as hot and cold rolled coils up to 1,500mm wide.
More forms to choose from

Sensitive to the needs of each customer, we offer Ultra Alloy 825 in a variety of product forms, including sheet, quarto plate, wire rod and welding strip, as well as hot and cold rolled coils up to 1,500mm wide.


Coil and strip:

Thickness [mm] Width [mm]

Cold rolled

0.40 - 0.59 25 - 1250
0.60 - 1.24 25 - 1500
1.25 - 1.49 30 - 1500
1.50 - 2.49 36 - 1500
2.50 - 4.50 48 - 1500
4.51 - 6.0 180 - 1500

Hot rolled

5.5 - 8 180 - 1500

Quarto plate:

Thickness [mm] Width [mm] Length [mm]
8 - 42 1500 - 2600 6000 - 12000

Quarto plate dimensions range under development, other dimensions may be available upon request

Why choose Outokumpu?

We bring our expertise to the service of society at large, and that is realized by the capability and dedication of our people. A strong customer focus, sustainability and technical excellence are at the heart of everything we do. As a customer, you benefit from our extensive R&D and technical support throughout the entire product development process. We are constantly inspired by stainless steel and excited by its possibilities. We always will be.

Sustainable action for future generations

Global megatrends such as population growth, mobility and urbanization have resulted in unprecedented economic growth and prosperity. At the same time, these megatrends have resulted in massive problems related to increasing carbon emissions and overall climate change. Stainless steel has a crucial role in decarbonization. With the lowest carbon footprint in the industry, Outokumpu is dedicated to help customers reduce emission across their value chain.

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