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This year marks 100 years since the first stainless steel was first produced in Outokumpu’s site in Avesta, Sweden – the heart of advanced materials. To recognise the starting point of many innovations Outokumpu thrives on globally today, we want to celebrate all that has been accomplished. And, we want to invite you to share the joy and celebrate with us!

With the legacy of yesterday, the action of today, and a vision for tomorrow, we stand proud, but not yet satisfied. Our 100-year-old legacy in Avesta reaffirms our commitment to build a world that lasts forever. A commitment to an #IndustrialEvolution, enduring for another 100 years.

Celebrating the 100-year-old commitment to a world that lasts forever

Since 1924 every day has been about making Future. Evolved.
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We go beyond our own operations to drive sustainability.”

– HANNAH STRATMANN, Head of Supplier Sustainability & Quality, Outokumpu

Hannah Stratmann celebrates Outokumpu's sustainability offering. Our products can be used to keep air and water clean. We select sustainable suppliers and we support those that want to improve.

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I’m honored to produce advanced and sustainable stainless steel”

– CHRISTIAN DUFHAUS, SVP, Operations Avesta, Outokumpu

Christian Dufhaus celebrates all the people that has worked for us in Avesta during the last century. They are the reason that we can produce the most advanced and sustainable steel today.

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Imagine that stainless steel produced a 100 years ago is still in circulation”

– JULIAN GATZWEILER, VP, Raw Material Procurement, Outokumpu

Julian Gatzweiler celebrates the fact that stainless steel produced 100 years ago is still in circulation today. That is circularity!

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To celebrate the 100-year-old commitment of stainless steel making in Outokumpu’s site in Avesta, Sweden, share your commitment in a few words – the innovation, culture, product, destination, or result you're most proud of as part of the global Outokumpu team.

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